Know the services of DMS AGRI TRADING

Management of the whole exportation process, including logistics and associated risks.

Strategic Partnerships

Throughout the years we have worked to develop and build strategic partnerships with suppliers worldwide, being able to attend the demand of our clients in the most competitive ways, especially in the logistic aspect.

Risk Analysis and Insurance

We always work with updated market information for each product and destination, in order to minimize the associated risks for the exportation processes. We usually suggest our clients to accept the option of Incoterm CIF. In this way we are able to have full control of operation since beginning of the process until arrival of cargo at destination Port.

Deadlines and Deliveries

These are two very important factors in our exportation processes, as sometimes transit time is very short and any delay may cause negative impact on release of cargo at destination. We follow closely each step of the process in order to attend accordingly all deadlines stipulated in contract.

Operations and Integrated Logistics

Working with the exportation of food items for the past 15 years, we were able to build and develop solid business relationships with Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders, Shipping Teminals and Food Suppliers. It give us an easy access and very good flexibility on negotiations, request of spaces on vessels (booking reservations), competitive rates and hiring services.

Documentation and Financial Processes

Due to a solid experience on the exportation processes of containerized items worldwide, we have full knowledge of required details demanded for each product in each destination. In this way we are able to monitor and manage our operations with excellence to avoid any mistake or delay in our processes.

Consulting and Market Analysis

We look forward to build close relationships with our suppliers and clients, so we can exchange relevant information through the analysis of regular reports of market trends for each product. In this way we  contribute directly with the sharing of information and consequently with the decision of our partners. Our goal is to inform, assist and contribute with any gain opportunity for all parts involved on negotiations.

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