About the Company

Founded in 2017, DMS AGRI TRADING is a global supplier of food items, focused on the exportation of containerized products, acting always through a reliable network of suppliers and clients worldwide.

Our core business is Sugar due to a large experience acquired into this segment for the last 15 years, but the company is also very active on the supply of other food items worldwide, such as; Rice, Corn, Bean, Coffee, among others.

Working through the same channel to commercialize sugar other items, and taking advantage of good synergy in the operational and logistical services between these products, our goal is to attend with excellence and responsibility the demands and expectations of our clients.

DMS AGRI TRADING has very solid commercial relationships with suppliers in Brazil and abroad (ie: Thailand, Europe, India, Central America), and very deep knowledge regarding market trends, crops, economies and currencies, etc… being able to provide accurate and important information to our clients.

The company has also a full operational support through a solid network on the Logistical side, ensuring always the highest performance in all exportation processes.


To be an important link between producers, suppliers and customers, always acting professionally, and aiming to achieve good results through solid and lasting business relationships.


Ethic, Honesty, Transparency and Responsibility are some of our values, and we are proud to take it to our customers, suppliers and employees.